Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About Sean Perkin

Sean Perkin is the owner of
Sean Perkin & Associates.
Sean Perkin immigrated to California with his family in 1979. Growing up, he had a knack for sports including baseball, gymnastics, soccer, snowboarding, and skiing. He also had a passion for building things and was always playing with erector sets, building blocks, and LEGOs. This passion continues today and has allowed him to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

After Sean Perkin graduated from the University of Southern California, he put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test by creating his own magazine, XSeSS Living. This unique product, which included licensed music in each issue, was distributed nationally and achieved considerable success. The magazine opened the door for several opportunities working in corporate marketing, design, and branding. A few years later, he began working as a broker. In this field, he specialized in apartments and development, which ultimately lead to his transition from brokerage to investment.

Sean Perkin began his career in real estate in 2002. To date he has acquired on behalf of his and his client’s accounts in excess of $150 million of commercial and residential properties. He and his team have built a niche acquiring undervalued assets including single family homes and apartments within Los Angeles and Orange Counties. His client and investor roster includes professionals, accredited investors, REITs, entrepreneurs, families, trusts, friends and family.

Sean Perkin and his company have made many favorable investments throughout Southern California, acquiring between 6-14 assets annually in the $500k to $3.5 million range per transaction. Returns range from 5.0% to in excess of 200% for some investments. His success is predicated on numerous factors including in-depth market knowledge, long term relationships with brokers and investors, a strong work ethic and a passion for finding and nurturing opportunities. Discipline and timing are also important. Sean Perkin refers to the whole process as a skillful dance.

When he is not building out his portfolio with Sean Perkin & Associates or his various LLC’s and general partnerships, Sean Perkin enjoys traveling. He has toured Europe, Africa, Mexico, Asia, and Central America, finding that his travels have been productive to his career. The different cultures, architecture, and scenery he encounters provide inspiration for his work as a designer.

Learn more about Sean Perkin on his website or by visiting his Weebly page: http://seanperkin.weebly.com